Every good Texan knows you can't strap horns to a goat and pretend it's a bull. And when you're hungry for Pappas Burger, there's just nothing else that hits the spot. That's why we cater Pappas Burger just about anywhere!
When you're hungry for Pappas Burger, but just don't have the time to come and eat it with us, order in or call ahead and we'll wrap your order up tight so it'll be good and hot when you get home or back to the office. Find Out More >>
No matter what the occasion, every event tastes better with Pappas Burger! All it takes is a quick call to Pappas Catering, and we'll pack up the whole shootin' match and bring it to you wherever you are. Burgers, sandwiches, salads, sides, desserts, drinks, utensils—whatever and however much you want! Saddle up! This is the good stuff! Find Out More >>
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